Some of the most popular western books were written decades ago, these books have sometimes been handed down from father to son, some have been bought by adults who remember reading them as children. It really doesn’t matter what the reasons are for wanting these books, they make us feel good, we use them as an escape and allow our inner child out once again.
Some of these popular western books are listed here on this site, they are part of the Pearson’s Western Novels collection. Many of these books have been long forgotten about since their publication in the 1940′s. This doesn’t make these book any more invaluable to us.

Sadly a lot of the books which our grandparents read are no longer in circulation, many have found their way into landfill sites and local dumps, but it doesn’t stop people from enjoying the feeling of sitting back and reading about the exploits of a cowboy in the old west.

This website is dedicated to those popular western books which have become classics. In particular we are here to show our appreciation to Pearson’s Western Novels and the determination of C. Arthur Pearson Ltd for the novels which many, many people read as children.

On this website, and at our Tadcaster Book Shop, we stock many such books which fall into the category of popular western books.

If you would like further details please use the contact details on the left of this page.

C Arthur Pearson Novels From Tadcaster Book Shop

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